5 Keys to Forming the Right Small Business

While it may be hard to believe, yes, the calendar actually does read 2015. With that in mind, is this the year that you either start a new business or rebrand what you have been doing in order to better achieve...

5 Reasons Big Data Isn't Just for Big Business

No matter how big your company may be, you have likely heard of big data. The collection and analysis of huge amounts of data has become a popular option for companies in every industry, but some small...

Are You Selling What Your Customers Want to Buy?

All too often, I see businesses advertising their wares...but from their own perspective. They talk about their expertise and what they DO or MAKE, thinking that's what people are buying. Of course, that's not...

Social, Local, and Mobile Marketing Efforts

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's start at the very beginning (It's a very good place to start). The ABCs of marketing are turning to SoLoMo as the world increasingly turns to their mobile devices for more...


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