How Effective Meetings Will Save You Money

If you ask yourself how much time you have spent in meetings that do not lead to actionable outcomes, you will probably conclude that most of it was a waste of time for your small business.

How to Make PR Work for Your Small Business

You don't have a whole department for press relations; you probably don't even have one person dedicated to PR at all. Instead, you have to spread your time out and get press releases written and distributed with a...

The Holiday Shopping Problem

Well into the 20th century, miners used canaries as a way to detect methane and carbon monoxide in mines. As long as a canary was singing, all was well. If a canary died, it was time to abandon the mine immediately. It meant the oxygen was running out.

Dealing with Staff Discipline Issues

The one thing that can mar your management efforts are discipline issues from your employees. You can be the best manager in the world, but sometimes your staff will still act out. How you handle it will determine...


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