The Battle Between Search and Social

For years, search engines have been the primary way for consumers to find new businesses. Now, though, you can make a strong case that social media gains more than search engines in the amount of site traffic and referrals it brings.

What Small Biz Should Know About HeartBleed

HeartBleed is not the first nor the last of security bugs that cause havoc on the technology infrastructure of today. However, by adhering to the right security standards and best-practices, your small business can ensure that the impact due to such vulnerabilities are kept at a minimum.

Which Brands Rule Twitter?

A recent Simply Measured study revealed that 99% of brands are on Twitter. Although small businesses may have paved the way for Twitter marketing success, the world's largest brands are adopting the platform as both a customer service and marketing tool at an increasing rate.

Is Asset-Based Lending for You?

Asset-based financing is a specialized method of providing structured working capital and term loans that are secured by accounts receivable, inventory, machinery, equipment and/or real estate.


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Failure is a fact of business. Especially in the startup world, if you don’t adopt and embrace a culture that says it’s ok to fail, then you’re in trouble. According to TJ Muehleman and Jared Malan of We&Co, if you’re not failing all the time, you’re not trying hard enough. They shared many of their failures—but the key is to learn from those failures. For example, they learned that some customers are not ideal customers—whether it’s due to geography, turnover, average covers, or other factors. At the beginning of the business they would sign up anyone—and that taught them very quickly that some customers are better than others.

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