Actively Finding Customers

Somewhere along the line, the process of gaining customers became more about attracting customers rather than actively finding them. "Build it and they will come" is an awesome ideal for small businesses, but there comes a point when you'll need to get your...

What is Content Curation and Why Do You Need It?

Content curation is a digital marketing strategy that is becoming increasingly popular with small businesses. Adopted by a number of websites and blogs, it is a simple but effective way that your business can...

Pricing, Networking, and Value

Jenni from the Quick Books Self Employed Community says the following: "I always feel like my prices are too high, yet when I see my competition, their prices are almost double mine."

Investing in an Existing Franchise

In a sense, all franchise business opportunities are existing businesses. No one is going to believe you if you say that you're opening a Little Caesar's or 7 Eleven start-up; the whole point of a franchise is...


Sales & Marketing




Run & Grow

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