How to Write a Professional Proposal

Before you begin writing a short novel as a proposal for your potential client, ask yourself the following questions. Remember to be completely honest with yourself.

If It Can Be Counted, the CFO Owns It

There is a simple way to define the responsibilities of the chief financial officer. And it extends beyond the usual interpretation of the CFO position in many companies.

2015's Must-Have Gadgets for Entrepreneurs

The winter holidays are barely over when tech enthusiasts get one more reason to be jolly: the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place in Las Vegas in early January.

8 Tax Law Changes for 2015 You Need to Know

As you prepare your taxes to be filed by April 15th based on 2014 IRS requirements, it's smart to look ahead to some of the 2015 tax law changes that will impact your filing situation...


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